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Professional Chimney Sweeping

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Why chimney maintenance is important

When fuels burn in an appliance, the fumes that are the by-products of combustion - including carbon monoxide - are released into the chimney. Removing these fumes from the living area is the main purpose of a chimney. In addition to carrying off toxic gases, chimneys also create the draft (flow of air) that provides the proper air and fuel mixture for efficient operation of the heating appliance. Unfortunately, many chimneys in daily use in homes throughout the country either are improperly sized or have conditions that make them unable to perform their intended function.

Chimneys servicing gas appliances need to be cleaned annually

As well as making sure that all gas appliances are serviced annually it is also the landlords responsibility to make sure that the flue ways are cleaned annually by a qualified chimney sweep.

To help stop the vast amount of people dying each year from carbon monoxide poisoning the health and safety executive has documentation stating that all gas flues need to be swept annually by qualified chimney sweeps and that this responsibility cannot be passed on to the tenant.

Carboxyhaemoglobin % Symptom

10       None  

          10-20 Tightness across forehead  

20-30 Headaches   

30-40 Severe headache, weakness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting  

          40-50 Coma, intermittent convulsions   

60-70 Depressed heart action, death possible  

          70-80 Weak pulse, slowed respiration, death likely   

80      Death in minutes.


When is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning get urgent medical advise  and do not use your appliance  until it has been checked by a competent person.